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Don’t be nervous, I know this can be stressful.

I am here to make this process, simple, fun and exciting.





Eek! Your Engaged! I know, it doesn’t even feel real right? Still getting used to the new bling on your finger? Unsure about the perfect instagram post? Don’t worry, I promise you will still find new things to pick up so you can show off that ring. Perhaps a new coffee mug from Target? Or, the good old fashioned, “Hey do you like my new manicure?”  No matter how creative you get, I promise, no judgments here. But, it’s officially time to put down the mugs and start planning! I want to hear all about your unique story. Tell me what embarrassing thing you did to get his attention. Tell me how surprised you were for his proposal and the moment of the big reveal. Want to know mine? I stole my boyfriends shoes while he was in a bouncy house. I know so immature, right? Who plays in bouncy houses at 23?  Anyway, if you want to know the rest of my ridiculous story your just going to have to ask me over a cup of coffee. I love meeting all of my brides in person. It is important for me to build a strong connection with you two, because each couple has a unique story, personality, and wedding vision. I want to know how you said YES to your forever. Give me all the deets!




Are you unsure about an Engagement Session? I know, who dresses to the nines to go stand in a tall grass field? What if you are just terrible at posing and you don’t know where to look. Your nervous your going to be bad at taking pictures. The boys think it’s silly and what’s the point? What would I even wear? Well here is where the good news comes in. You do not have to be good at taking pictures. I DO! You do not have to be good at posing. I DO! I will walk you through the entire process. I will make you laugh and even question, “Who is this crazy person I just hired?” I will make you spin and circles and run back and forth, I love engagement sessions. It is your time to shine. Take me to a new and unique place that defines your love story. Whether you love hiking together or boating. I will stand on any mountain edge or drift across a lake. This is how I get to know you. I want to know your passions. That way, when I walk into your getting ready room on your wedding day, you know exactly who you will be spending your wedding day with. This crazy girl over here!  



Ahh! It is finally here! The day you have been planning all year. All of the details have finally come together and it is time to celebrate with your closest family and friends. Don’t you feel so much safer knowing that I have your back? We are already great friends at this point so lets glam up and have fun. I will be there to capture every moment from start to finish and hopefully knock out a few jokes. I want to help you fluff your gown and run through those sparklers. There is no need to stress. This is your time to enjoy all of the work you have done and just have fun! I'll take it from here!




Well, the day has passed, but luckily, I have captured every moment for you so you can relive it over and over again. Want to show your friends and family? I know you are so excited to see all of your images, which is why one week after your wedding day I will share a blog post with all of MY favorites from your amazing day! Then, you can social share your sneak peak with EVERYONE! Your final gallery will be delivered right to your email for instant downloads and saved for up to 10 YEARS! Want to share your images with you future kids? Ask me all about how to create a unique album for you and your parents. A book that tells a love story, only you can love more and more each time you open it.

Okay, Here is comes.

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Paige and Brett

To describe Jeannine in one word...WOW. Her photography style was everything we dreamt of. From our first meeting, to our engagement shoot, to our wedding day, Jeannine was easy to work with, helpful with posing and heard my voice to get the perfect photos we hoped for. I can't recommend her enough...seriously, one of the best photographers around! 



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