"Bring Them Home" to YOU!

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

How to Fly your Service Member Home for FREE!

This has been an idea that has been on my mind for months, I just was not sure how I would ever make it work!

I am so excited to launch the beginning of my "Bring Them Home" program!

As the significant other of a retired United States Marine, I hold a special place in my heart for all of our Service Members that work so hard to protect our freedom. In addition to giving their time and lives for our country, they are forced to leave their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and children behind, sometimes for months at a time.

Our country does a lot to support the military, but unfortunately, their benefits do not currently include additional travel expenses needed to visit their families. Often, those who devote themselves to serving and protecting our country and their loved ones miss out on visiting their own families during the holiday season and other significant events due to expensive tickets.

Often, the money that would be put aside for the cost of travel has to be displaced for the important and unexpected situations in life. Personally, I feel that everyone should have the opportunity to be with their families during the most important occasions in their lives; a sibling's wedding, a wife's sonogram, the unfortunate event of a funeral, etc. However, this should not stop a service member from enjoying the pleasure of spending the holidays with their loved ones, a privilege that not every member can afford.

For these reasons, I have set up a program on my website (www.jeanninelombardophoto.com), so the average citizen can support our troops by making a monetary donation to my GoFundMe linked below.

At least once a year, I will donate the money raised to at least one service member in order for the service member to fly home from their base and visit their family. Additionally, the selected service member and their family will receive a complimentary "Homecoming" photo shoot through my business, Jeannine Lombardo Photography! The reuniting of a family and their loved one is an indescribable moment that I would love to capture, allowing the family to forever remember this special moment.

This donation is not just for anyone. It is for someone who has a very special moment that is not worth missing! In order to be selected, a service member or one of their family members must submit their story and the reason they need this donation. The story I decide has the most potential and need will receive tickets to a flight reuniting them and their loved ones!

I'm striving to make this donation an annual event, with a first-year goal of $500. I believe $500 will cover one round-trip flight from New York to California and everywhere in between!

If you would like to see a Service Member come home to their family, then please donate to my cause. Even just $5 will make a difference. And if you or someone you know is interested in applying, please follow the link to my website to submit your story!

Send a Small Donation: Click Here

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