Valentine's Day in the Pine Oak's

The first time Kim told me about the new boy she met I could not help but smile back at the glowing grin on her face. Every Sunday I was there to hear to new details on each text, each date, and every moment leading into your new relationship. I am so delighted that I was able to watch your love story unravel every step of the way and witness first hand on how beautiful love can be.

Nick and Kim, the only thing I think of when it comes to your relationship is passion. I have never met a couple giddier and as head over heels for each other as you two. When Kim looks at Nick, even in the most solitude moments, she lights up. The happiness you both share together becomes contagious to the people around you!

Nick and Kim, you are one of my favorite couples I know, continue to love each other the way you do every day and your happiness will continue to grow stronger. I wish you both the happiest Valentine's Day!

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