Indian Island Love Story

Through sickness and health. To most, these simple words are a phrase said as part of wedding vows. To others, it means everything. Although we pray for health, sometimes, we must face the sickness.

James and Alyssa met on Tinder. Neither was looking for anything serious but were convinced to give it a try. From the moment they met they were inseparable. James asked Alyssa to be his girlfriend at a place that was special to him. They walked along the shoreline of Indian Island Park, a place he visited frequently. He knew Alyssa was too special not to keep all to himself!

After years of hockey games and plays, cruising across the ocean together and European vacations apart, James knew Alyssa was his forever. James found the perfect opportunity during their annual Halloween Party on the same beach where just a few years earlier, he asked Alyssa to be his girlfriend. In a private tent, James set up a display of pumpkins and a bouquet of flowers. Inside, he had pumpkins carved with glowing ambient lights reading, "Alyssa, Will You Marry Me?" He got down on one knee, but this time he asked Alyssa to be his forever, his everything, his wife!

Alyssa and James are planning their big day for September of this year. Recently, Alyssa received news that although heartbreaking, was not enough to break the bond they hold together. Alyssa has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Due to insurance issues, Alyssa and James decided it would be best to have a ring exchange and to sign their marriage license papers a few months early. Because this was still a part of their love story that they wanted to hold close to their hearts, what better place to feature this beautiful moment than Indian Island Park. This Valentines Day, they shared an intimate moment with only those closest to them, their parents and their siblings present.

James waited in the sand under the Valentines Day arch their parents built for them. He swayed back and forth so slightly at the hips and kicked the sand around with one leg as he looked down at his feet, knowing he was only minutes away from seeing his bride. Alyssa stepped out of the car just as the sun began to set casting a golden warm tone on the day. With both her parents behind her she slowly made her way towards James. James waited anxiously, still facing the ocean until it was time to turn and face his soon to be wife. He turned to his left side just a few feet away from Alyssa and his face lit up. His eye's glossed over with a tear and with a slight grin on his face, he admired his bride.

Alyssa and James, I was so honored that I was able to share this moment with the two of you. I can see the way you look into each others' eyes that no one can love as deeply as the way you two love each other. Although this might be a tough time in your lives, I see the amazing family you both share and I believe that with the strength of every family member together you will be filled with love, support, and strength during the entirety of your marriage and through every rough road you may face. I wish you both the best of luck on your newest journey in life together and I send all of my prayers for health and happiness.

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