Nelida and Tom's Maternity Session

I met Tom for the first time when I was only 10 years old and he was 17. He traveled alone from Portugal to stay with my Aunt who is married to his Uncle and my overwhelming Italian family. He spoke very little English at the time. He was just a kid and he left his family for the summer to come visit his cousins in a new country, with a new language and a very different culture. I can imagine how terrifying it must have been, although he was close to his Uncle from their visits to Portugal every two years. I know I would have been nervous.

After a few visits back and forth from Portugal to New York, Tom decided to move here. That is when he started to date his now wife, Nelida.

Tom and Nelida have been a part of the family for eight years now. I was a guest at their wedding and I ventured around Portugal with them when I went with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin five years ago for Tom's brother's wedding.

So when they asked me to photograph this very special milestone in their lives, I was so happy!

Baby Zoe is going to be the first baby on both sides of our families in a decade. She is going to be spoiled with love from every direction.

Tom and Nelida, I know you will be amazing parents. I wish you two a safe delivery and a healthy baby. I cannot wait to meet baby Zoe.

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