A Fairytale Wedding- Kimberly and Patrick

One of the biggest dreams you can have as a little girl is a Cinderella fairy tale wedding. That is what Kimberly and Patrick planned. They found a hidden gem in the small town of Brookhaven, NY and booked a castle! Kimberly hand picked each Disneyesque detail and even included Cinderella on the top of her cake. 

Patrick and Kimberly planned a very intimate wedding. They catered to about fifty guests including their two fur babies who were part of the wedding party. Lexington in a dress may have been the cutest thing I have seen to date. Kimberly’s own little brother had the honor of ordaining the ceremony. 

Every detail of their wedding reminded me of a story when I was growing up. From Kimberly’s dress down to her guest table, it was the perfect fantasy. Kimberly is a fun, giggly, and an incredibly sweet girl. She let her wedding day roll with the flow and was mostly concerned about enjoying her time with her guests under the stars. 

Congratulations to Kimberly and Patrick on their new marriage. I wish them a happy marriage and a lifetime of love. 

A Special Thank You to the Creative Team:

Photographer: Jeannine Lombardo Photography

Venue: Town of Brookhaven Castle

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