A Wedding That Starts With More Than Two People- Ashley and Claudio

Updated: Feb 2

Why do  we admire our family heirlooms? What is it about them that means so much to us? I believe it is our way of remembering those who have passed, honoring their legacy and knowing in our hearts that they are always with us. When we lose a person we love, we know that they are always there watching down on us. Although not physically present, they are there in spirit.  Ashley and Claudio brought their two families together on a rainy Wednesday. Their wedding brought so many tears of joy and some of sadness. On Wednesday, October 30th, Ashley and Claudio united a family, praised the anticipated moments, and wept for those who could not be there with them. 

Ashley lost her best friend too soon. Her sister. As someone who has personally watched their own best friend suffer from the unexpected loss of her mother, I know there are not many words that you can share to make the pain more tolerable. One thing that we always talk about is how is she going to make it through her wedding day. My answer to her has always been, it is going to be a happy sad moment. Of course, you are full of joy to be getting married. Yes, you are going to remember her every second of that day. Yes, you are going to feel the moments that she is not there with you. Yes, the longing for her is going to make you sad but the wonderful memories of her will also make you happy. You will remember that she was such a special person you had the honor to grow with. Let her live through you. Honor her and set moments aside in your day for you to be alone with her. Allow her to be with you and be happy to know that she loves you. She is watching you and she is there with you. 

Ashley knew her sister was with her on her wedding day. She made her wedding day around her sisters heart. She chose sunflowers, because her sister loved sunflowers. She wore her sister's boots and walked her footsteps for her. Her wedding planner and good friend Alyssa, surprised Ashley with a picture of her sister on her bouquet. Her sister's best friend applied her makeup and curled her hair. Lastly, she chose her venue based on where they placed her sister's memorial. We took time from the typical busy wedding schedule to spend time visiting her sister's memorial. Ashley walked down the aisle and danced with her dad who is currently not very strong. He made sure he walked his daughter down the aisle. Lastly, she wore her grandmother's pearls and gained a daughter. 

To say that Ashley is the most selfless person would be an understatement. She made her entire wedding day about people that she loves very much. The fact that it rained on Ashley and Claudio’s wedding was proof that her sister was watching and crying tears of joy with her family.

A Special Thank You to the Creative Team:

Photographer: Jeannine Lombardo Photography

Event Planner: Alyssa Kelly

Baker: Stacey Popule

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