My Valentines Day Tradition

For the past three out of six years we have spent together, Richie and I have developed a Valentine's Day tradition.

It is not your typical stuffed animal, bouquet of roses, or box of chocolates. Instead we have created our own unique version of the holiday.

I can't really tell you exactly why we started doing this, but I think I have an idea. Richie had asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine's Day. Three years ago, I started Weight Watchers. I was very strict with sticking to the plan and I was determined to lose weight as fast as possible. So typically I stayed away from fast food restaurants. Well, one of my absolute favorite fast food snacks is Cheesy Bread from Dominos with extra garlic sauce cups! I'm am not proud of this statement, but if I let myself, I could eat an entire Cheesy Bread alone. I must have been craving this delicious meal, so I used Valentine's Day as an excuse to pig out. I actually do this with a few of my favorite foods. I try to limit myself from the really bad treats. For example, I love, love, love Pillsbury Cinnabuns, but I only allow myself to eat them two times a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas Morning!

So there is it. My excuse for my craving was Valentine's Day. Of course Richie agreed, because who says no to a baked hot roll of melted cheese. In my opinion, no one.

We have it delivered and eat in our sweatpants, you know for the comfort, cough cough, extra stretch room, and we watch a movie together. We also love love that we get to stay in and avoid crowded restaurants.

So, here we are three years later, getting ready to place my Dominos order and I have to tell you, I am so excited.

I guess I'll be spending a few extra hours in the gym this weekend, but it is all worth it to cuddle with my boys on the couch enjoying my favorite snack.

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