Say YES to the Engagement Session

What if you could have a practice round before your wedding day? Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Well, that is exactly why I offer engagement sessions to all of my brides.

Engagement sessions give us the opportunity to work together before your wedding day. That is when we really have the time to talk and laugh. The engagement session is where my relationship with each and every bride really starts to grow.

I use the engagement session to introduce my clients to the importance of light. This is what gives them real and honest trust with me on their wedding day. So when I make a choice on location, they know that it is because I truly have their best interest in mind and I want to chose the light that will not only flatter their faces, but create that stunning dreamy image they fell in love with in the first place.

I also use the engagement session as an opportunity to teach my clients my posing system. We all know posing in front of a camera is intimidating. Have you ever had that “What do I do with my hands” moment? Don’t worry, I will walk you through the process step by step so that by the end of your engagement session, I have managed to take all of your nerves and turn them into confidence and excitement. I have left engagement sessions when the groom has turned to me and said, “Wow, that was actually fun.” Now, just in case something unexpected happens, and we happen to get behind schedule on your wedding day, you are a seasoned pro at posing and you know exactly what I am going to ask you next.

Lastly, not only do you have fun and beautiful images to share with your family and friends and hang on your wall, but you will also be able to tell me what your favorite image was! Every one of my couples have their own personality. Some just love to act silly and love being on camera, while some need help with extra instruction or confidence building. One image might be more your character than another. If I know that ahead of time, it will be so much easier for me to coach you into a pose you actually love on your wedding day and skip over the one that was not your favorite.

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