Why it is Important to Build a Relationship with your Photographer

Why it is important to build a relationship with your photographer.

When you think of your wedding day, you probably imagine spending the entire day surrounded by friends and family and your new spouse! What you don’t realize is the amount of time that you will spend with your photographer.

Your photographer has to be there to capture your entire wedding day from start to finish. So that means from the time you start getting ready, to the time you leave your reception, and everything in between, your photographer is by your side.

If you are going to be spending the entire day together, especially one that you have spent months planning for, wouldn’t you want to make sure that personalities are right for each other? The last thing I would want to think of when I look back on my wedding, is a person who was sending negative vibes, or maybe just is not the type of person that I usually associate with, which is totally okay! Everyone has their own personality.

That is why I like to meet my couples in person before we even sign contracts or exchange payments. We get together for a cup of coffee and discuss all the ideas that we have in mind for the big day. I walk  through the entire experience you will have on your special day with me and you can tell me everything you have envisioned. Sometimes our 30-minute coffee date turns into an hour or more because we get carried away in conversation.

I love that by the time I walk into the getting ready room on a wedding day, we have already had a relaxed coffee date and we have spent two hours working together during the engagement session. I follow all of my couples on social media, so that I can engage with them throughout the months leading up to their wedding.

It is a lot easier and more relaxed to talk about the brand new puppy someone just brought home, the new niece or nephew they just welcomed into the world, or even more simply, how their wedding planning is going. I can offer insights and build trust with people in the time leading up to when they will trust me to capture their most precious moments.

When it is time for a couple to enjoy their wedding day, I know that we are already friends and they won't feel as if they have a stranger with them during an intimate, personal setting.

I strongly believe that building a good relationship with my couples is one of the best ways I can serve them. I can laugh and cry with them while they express true and honest feelings with each captured in my photographs.

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