Why you want a first look!

Say Yes to the first look

The first look has become more popular over time. There are two reasons I hear the most about not wanting to do a first look. The first is breaking tradition. The second is that you do not want it to ruin the reaction that your groom will have while walking down the aisle. I am going to explain why you will actually LOVE the first look and be so happy with your decision.

I always thought that I was going to be a traditional girl, keeping all of the emotions for the moment I walk down the aisle. Over time I learned I am absolutely going to do a first look. As for tradition, if that is what you always imagined and are sticking to your guns, that is totally fine! Maybe we are starting new traditions in 2019. I have come to realize that what most brides want from their husband is not the feeling of tradition, but a reaction. What if I told you that you can get a reaction from your husband not once but twice. I have heard time and time again that when a groom sees his bride for the first time he is overwhelmed with emotion. But then when he sees her walk down the aisle, there is an entirely separate whirlwind of emotions.

What most grooms don’t know before the wedding is how nervous they are going to be! Everyone you know and love is watching him, waiting for his reaction. I’m not going to lie, when I have all eyes on me, I want to run away and hide. That is so nerve wracking. Grooms actually love the first look, because this is your time to be together alone on your wedding day. All of his emotions can come pouring out in front of you and you only. He does not have to worry about all of his friends and family watching him. He is able to compliment you and tell you how he is really feeling. When he sees you for the first time at the ceremony, you usually are not able to talk to each other for at least a half an hour, when all the initial emotions have already passed. Wouldn’t you love to hear your groom tell you how he feels in the exact moment it is happening? What about even share a kiss and wrap your arms around each other?  

The first look is the only alone time you have to spend together throughout the entire wedding day. Your wedding is a day that we celebrate your love for each other, except a traditional timeline doesn’t allow any time for you to spend alone to share your thoughts, exchange letters or just take a moment to let all the feelings sink in. Traditional timelines actually keep you separated for most of your wedding day. Half of your wedding day is spent away from each other, when I would much rather spend my one and only wedding day with my husband. After the first look you can have as much time as you need to talk with each other and share your love, until you are ready to start your portraits. Then when we move directly into bride and groom portraits, all of the excitement and emotions are fresh! Your wedding images will reflect your true joy for one another at the exact moment you were feeling it!

Now that you shared your first look, you just cleared so much time in the day for you to enjoy your wedding. That’s right, after all of the time you spent planning and coordinating, now you get to actually enjoy it. You just gave yourself so much more time to be together so not only can you photograph 60% more wedding portraits than a traditional timeline, but you can also have fun!  At this time we can get all of your bride and groom portraits, bridal party, and family photos out of the way. Then after the ceremony you can spend your wedding day on what you want to be doing, which is enjoying the party you just spent all year planning, eating all the food you paid for and actually attending cocktail hour with company you invited! You get to spend your most important day enjoying yourself and not behind a camera. As much as I love taking your pictures, I know that no one wants to spend all day being photographed.

My hope with this post is to educate you on how a first look will actually benefit your wedding throughout the entire day.

Whether you chose a first look or a traditional walk, I am just so happy to be a part of your day and to share in the joy with you!

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